Passionate about data!

Construction - Compaction & Highway - Forestry - Mining - Aerial Work Platforms - Forklifts - Power systems

SPEC CHECK - the world's leading source of comparative technical data.

For over 20 years we have been hard at work collecting data and media resources for an expanding range or equipment and technologies.
We are uniquely placed to provide you with access to a wealth of data and equipment knowledge.


Real-time, up-to-date and informed; access your competitor's equipment data on-demand anywhere.

We love building software solutions!

Our software development team can design and deliver the tools and services you need to leverage your most valuable asset - your data!
From product design to shipping and logistics, dealer management to customer service we can deliver solutions that you can rely on.

Excited by development

We love software, big data and even bigger challenges and more importantly we care!

We are ready to support your corporate vision with our skills and expertise to deliver effective, measurable results. Working together with you to plan and deliver effective, robust solutions. From ERP customization and data integration to green-field design and ground up development we would love to hear from you.

Web & Mobile Apps

Custom applications built for you to your specification.

We involve you in every aspect of our agile development process. Our team has a wide range of project experience including; pricing optimisation, dealer support, sales tools, shipping calculators, tire selectors, equipment analytics, forecasting, hazard reporting, data visualisation and info-graphics.

Data Integration

Unlock the power of your information, connect applications and expose data.

Enormous amounts of data will exist across your organisation. We can help link, integrate and expose this data to new methods of interrogation and reporting. Exposing previously trapped data to tools and applications allowing you to make informed decisions in real-time against real data.

Modify and Improve existing tools

Add value to your existing software and data with new extended functionality.

You already have a familiar and established suite of tools, why replace them? Instead we can help extend the functionality and value of your existing tools with new reports, streamlined interfaces and browser front-ends. These can sit happily on top or your ERP system or legacy mainframes.

Powerful data visualisation

Increase the power of your data with charts, timelines, forecasts and visual data mining.

Pictures speak louder than words. We can integrate your data into powerful, interactive business graphics. Extract even more value and understanding from your business data with easy to understand bubble charts, radar charts, scatter diagrams etc. Each point of data can be interacted with allowing users to mine the data in a simple but powerful interface.

It doesn't end with delivery!

We are just as invested in your solutions as you are - we stand ready to support them.

We are a dedicated team that works hard to ensure not only high quality code and design but fantastic support. We care greatly and respond quickly to unforeseen issues and circumstances. We don't give up, fold easily or pass the buck!


Innovative - Creative - Agile - Effective - Measurable Results
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Spec Check - A complete toolset

Let us do all the hard work, collecting and normalising competitive data.
Leave your dealer sales force, marketing department and R&D free to sell, design and engineer better products.

  • Competitive machine introduction alerts.
  • Powerful browser comparison engine.
  • APIs, data integration and raw data feeds.
  • Mobile apps providing offline and out-of-office access.
  • Access to our team of engineers and experts.
  • Use our development team to build custom solutions.
  • Trusted by the world's largest equipment manufacturers.

Global Multi Industry Coverage

From construction to demolition, compaction to extraction - we provide data to support informed decisions.

A dependable source of competitive data

Accurate - Up-to-date - Independent - Global


Equipment Types


New machines every 6 months

Attribute Records

Comparisons delivered in 12 months
Updated daily by our teams of data engineers.

We're excited by the detail and committed to accuracy!
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We are always expanding our coverage.

Competitive Intelligence

SPEC CHECK has been providing competitive intelligence for over 20 years. In that time our solutions have evolved from printed reports and books to online portals, mobile apps, APIs and integrated solutions.

Tried and tested solutions.

Get a competitive edge with speccheck

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Software Development

Who is Spec Check? A team of incredibly talented, hard working, enthusiastic, invested individuals. Each of us brings our own experience and skills set to our projects. We care a great deal about our work and stand by the results we produce for the amazing companies we partner with.

Agile, lean, dependable and hard working

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Passionate and innovative.
We love what we do and we want to work with you!

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Engineering guru?   Sofware Wizard?

We are a team of amazing people working together on interesting things and achieving exceptional results for amazing customers.
Spec Check offers you the chance to grow professionally while working with colleagues you like and respect on work that stretches your brain and grows your skills.
We are connected by a desire to innovate, over-deliver and enjoy what we do along the way.